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Covering All Aspects of Elder Law and Estate Planning

Estate Planning is our focus. We are aware that many of our clients have additional legal needs in their lives, and we are prepared to assist with these personal, family and small business needs as well. All our services go into planning for the life well lived.


In the ideal situation, the client will have executed Powers of Attorney that name the people they want to take control of their living situation and finances when the client is not able to take control themselves.

However, sometimes this ideal situation has not occurred and so there is a court-ordered process that can name someone to take over if the client cannot handle things themselves.

This court-ordered process can be time-consuming and sometimes expensive.  But if the client has not done the proper planning ahead of time, this may be the only solution.

Estate Planning

The power of Estate Planning is to make choices as to your life and your possessions while you are still able to make choices. In the event that you are no longer able to make decisions, your loved ones want to know your wishes are being respected. Every person is unique and we all have different quirks and desires. Estate planning is the ideal vehicle to make sure that things go your way, even when you are no longer able to express your desires.

Traditional examples of Estate Planning are a Will, Power of Attorney, Medical Directive and Trusts. These are the vehicles by which your opinions will be known. It's truly never too early to consider Estate Planning for yourself or an older relative.

Elder Law

These are by far our favorite cases. Elder law takes a holistic approach to helping an elderly person achieve the everyday lifestyle they desire. Oftentimes we are contacted by family concerned for the wellbeing of a parent or older relative.

Elder law covers traditional Estate Planning items like Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorneys and Directives. However, it goes far beyond that to consider public assistance that might be available like Medicaid, Social Security, Veteran's Aid and Attendance benefits. This service gets to the heart of practicality. What do you want your or your loved one's day to day to look like. Will they stay in their home? Would they prefer to be cared for in a nursing facility, etc. They have worked hard their whole lives and we want to make sure they get to enjoy the remainder of their days exactly how they want.

Probate Law

Estate planning goes hand in hand with probate. Estate planning is deciding what happens during and after your life. Probate is the making sure titles and ownership of all your possessions transfer correctly after your death.

If you are seeking help regarding the possessions of a loved one that has already passed, you are looking for information regarding probate.

Family Law

Nowadays the only consistency with families is that they are valuable and should be cherished. And as families take on different shapes and sizes, they require unique legal resources. Kristina is passionate about your family as much as she is her own.

Kristina serves as a local Guardian Ad Litem and Court Appointed attorney for numerous children each year here in the Greater Virginia Peninsula area. This means she represents the child's interest in everything from criminal cases to adoptions. This is court appointed work where she can serve this community with her talents and compassion. As a great grandmother, she has a big picture perspective to help your family navigate the good and the bad.

Under the large umbrella of family law is everything that impacts a family. And as you can imagine, many of these cases (adoption, divorce, etc) bleed into our other services.

Planning for a life well lived means protecting what's most important, our families. In any shape they take.

Business & Residential

For many people, their home is the biggest purchase of their lives. For others, it's the million dollar business idea they have built over decades. In order to protect your future, Kristina provides both practical and legal advice about your home and business.

This is truly where Kristina's life experience can help you. She holds an Economics degree but has also purchased numerous homes and launched a successful legal career after retirement. She can walk you through how to protect yourself as you navigate these major life choices. Contracts, escrow, big picture and the little stuff. If a home or a business are part of your life, let's work together to make sure it adds, not detracts from your plan.

Also deals with issues that might come up between Landlords and tenants in rental property.

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