We are now offering virtual meetings via phone or zoom if you prefer. We are also happy to arrange a face to face meeting in our office.

Schedule a Consult

**Please note that here at Beavers Law, a consult is the start of something great. If you have hired lawyers in the past you may have had "free consultations" that were worthless. Maybe you wasted your time talking to a junior attorney, or worse, a non attorney. Maybe it was just a freebie session that got you in the door so they could sell you on a retainer.

We are different.

Your time is valuable and we will make the most of it. To show that commitment we charge $200 for a consult. It's not an introduction, it's your first billable hour (at a reduced rate). You will sit down (or meet virtually) with Kristina and get the answers you need. Answers that apply to your unique situation. We will send you some paperwork ahead of time so that Kristina is fully prepared to hit the ground running in your first meeting. And oftentimes, people walk away from these consults with all the answers they need to complete tasks on their own.

So whether you have a case pending or you are just starting to maybe think about planning for your future, get the practical, actionable advice that applies to you.

We should also mention that consults are often scheduled 2-3 weeks out, but we will do our best to fit you in if you are having an emergency. Fill out the form below and you will be contacted within the same or next business day.

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